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Welcome to the Ancestry Network!

From its humble beginnings as a personal genealogical web page in 1997, this site has grown into a resource site for thousands of researchers who are pursuing their own ancestral roots.

Use the navigation links on your left to explore this site and visit the resources we have collected over the years.

Also visit "Our Personal Ancestry" pages. Who knows, perhaps we're cousins!

The "Other Ancestry" link will take you to other ancestry that may be of interest to you.

Go to "Shop Rootseller" to visit our on-line store.

The "Reference" link has some useful references we have found of interest to researchers.

You can find a few laughs at the "Genealogy Laughs" page.

The "Research Tips" page contains important tips, hints, and techniques for the serious researcher.

Need a look-up, a copy of a document, or a photo of a headstone? See if that service is offered under the "Services" link.

We hope you'll find this site useful. If so, please bookmark this page and come back often to visit us.

Keep climbing your family tree!

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