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Welcome to the Ancestry Network!

About Us

From its humble beginnings as a personal genealogical web page in 1997, this site has grown into a resource site for thousands of researchers who are pursuing their own ancestral roots.

Since 1997, I have been able to discover the ancestry of both me and my wife, complete through 5 generations, and in some cases going back almost 1,000 years. During this voyage of discovery, I've learned, mostly through trial and error, but also through the generous and un-selfish help of other researchers, some of the methods, techniques, resources, pit-falls, and tricks one can use and experience on the quest to discover one's roots. The journey has been full of  excitement, frustration, elation, and disappointment, but always fulfilling and satisfying.

This site's purpose, beyond sharing my own ancestry and experiences, is to "pay back" and "pay forward" the knowledge I've gained.

This site is designed to be dynamic in nature, so what you see here today is not what you will see here tomorrow, next month, or next year.

I hope you will take the time to explore this site and not only
let me know what you think, but share any experiences you have had on your own journey of discovery.

Thanks for visiting, and keep climbing your family tree!

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